• Filmow
  • / 2015

Filmow is a collaborative
social network focusing
on movies and series

I worked on information architecture to
adapt the website content to the app and
identity/visual design for the interface

  • Findrix
  • / 2015

Findrix helps you to keep
your family and friends
close, no matter where
they are

IA and identity/visual design for iOS,
Android and Apple Watch app

  • Apontador Cinema
  • / 2014

Apontador Cinema suggests the
best movies that are in theaters near you

IA and visual design for iOS and Android app

  • RapidWeaver
  • / 2015

RapidWeaver is the all-in-one web
design software for Mac that enables
you to build the websites

Icon redesign to match the visual style of the Yosemite/El Captain
and the Realmac style of product icons

  • InkMate
  • / 2013

InkMate is a OS X software for
illustration and painting

Icon design and some design concepts for the user interface

Other projects/icons

App icons for other projects